The NEW STL Rental Kings

Owners of Freedom Path Investors Brian and Jake have beamed into the limelight in the St. Louis real estate market! This power team has crafted a calculated and repeatable process when buying properties for their growing rental portfolio. With a track record in the industry for making offers on properties and beating competition with their […]

The Best Philadelphia Home Buyers

“Should we put any money in to the house before we see what we sell it for”? A common debate among homeowners going through their internal pre selling checklists A lot of home owners are in the dark when it comes to selling a property. Some of the questions that arise carry serious weight on […]

Selling a house AS-IS in Greenville S.C.

9/24/2020 Home repairs can cost a fortune and sometimes not make sense for a homeowner to take down the projects themselves. What are the other options on the table? The average Real Estate Investment company buys properties at fair prices that can easily make more sense to a seller than it would be to entertain […]

First Time Home Buying No No’s

9/16/2020 Home buying can be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences you’ll ever experience, however it can also be one the most stressful processes to experience. Here are just some of the top first time home buying mistakes that can easily creep up on you before, during or even after closing on that […]

As-Is Home selling

Selling your house WITHOUT inspections

9/13/2020 Before calling your local real estate agent and getting locked into lengthy selling process, you owe it yourself to weigh all of the options on the table. There are countless Real Estate investment companies in every single city who buy and sell homes in 100% as-is condition without any pesky inspection rider paperwork. Inspections […]

top blogs

Real Estate TOP 100

9/11/2020 If you own investment property of any kind there are some highly recommenced blogs to follow in the investment world. Some of the TOP influencers and content out there is all in one place for your consumption on Imagine being able to land your content and blogs right into Influencer bloggers email inboxes. […]

for sale by owner

Person to Person home selling

9/3/2020 “Off Market” is a term thrown around in the offices of investment companies everyday. In laymen’s terms it just means to sell a property someone owns in their own name to another person or company without listing “On Market” with a real estate agent. A lot of people don’t realize you can even do […]

hot real estate market

Real Estate Remains HOT

It is now coming up on the last quarter of 2020 and the real estate market remains HOT!!!! Regardless of where you are located in the United States, many real estate markets have remained hot. Sellers are getting top dollar for their homes and many times with multiple offers. There are many factors that have […]


Get your MONEY up to 60 days faster!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about selling a house you own? Call the local real estate agent right?! Everyone has a “friend” jumping at the bit to try to over value and ultimately over ask on the market for a property. They all say they have your best […]


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